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£110.00 GBP

Shipping £5.00 Domestic £15.00 International

Moment, created with a single pencil, at a size of 18 x 24 inches. I hope you enjoy the final result :)

All art pieces have my signature and my limited edition prints also come with a little certificate of authentication.

High quality, limited edition set of only 50 Giclee prints.

*I have named this piece 'Moment', which I feel is a very powerful word, defining both the point in time in which we finally embrace, but also the great importance of this event. Each magical moment may only be a split second, leaving us almost delirious, addicted for more. It is only with our true, unconditional love may we extend this moment, transforming that first glance into everlasting emotion. Limitless and indestructible we live on.*

To ask about the original, contact me here.

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