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Carried Away

£110.00 GBP

Shipping £5.00 Domestic £15.00 International

I am excited to finally release this piece for sale! It's been a long journey, mainly swimming in immense detail but also waiting in anticipation for the paint to dry. I've been waiting for this moment for about 11 months!

So here we are, Carried away, produced in colouring pencils and oil paint, at a size of 16.5 x 23.5 inches. I hope its completion makes you as happy as I am.

High quality, limited edition set of only 50 Giclee prints.

Along with the print, I am providing you with its little story (you can read it below). You can frame this if you wish, too. All art bought will have my personal signature. My prints also come with a little certificate of authentication.

The piece is about intense love - my beings lift each other up to a world of pure satisfaction, a heaven, if you like.

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To ask about the original, contact me here.

*We float amongst the wolves, endlessly waiting for that final stoop.
Promptly, divine timing sweeps down to rescue us from ourselves. Everlasting love lifts us up with magnificent wings, to a world beyond life's burdens. Saved from our struggles, we render ourselves invincible. In a place where there is nothing to cause distraction, we remain uninterrupted, forever together in a momentary bliss.
We hold on tight, protected from pain, providing one another with a sense of shelter. Carnal instincts kick in, embracing this evanescent emotion. Angelic wings shimmer in the otherwise darkness, reflecting the glow of our soulmate connection. A sense of familiarity drifts through the atmosphere; connected in mind and soul.
The puzzle is solved. As our bodies tire and inertia sets in.. there remains only one constant: we are one.* 

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