Mixing reality with art

Sarah Conti is a sculptor who creates a range of animals. I especially love her bird range, such as the picture above, where she adds real feathers into the sculpture. I love this mix of creation with reality. It almost gives it an extra sense of life. Her use of texture is fantastic (I think she uses both ceramic and porcelain in her work). I love the simplicity porcelain, or white ceramic, gives, allowing us to focus on this beautiful natural texture of the feathers, and it makes the few feathers stand out even more. Beautiful :) See her work here.

Weird and wonderful

I found Naoto Hattori one day - I think a friend showed me their profile - and I was blown away! His work has been hiding in my phone gallery since, for the occasional stare. Such immense detail and perfectly clean use of material. I love how he has a simplistic theme and colour scheme, and each piece of his collection works together like one cohesive story. The eye is a strong theme in his work. It really is magical, the strong reflections making me almost want to dive in. His website has some beautiful prints and originals available, here.

Skeleton displays

Ossaflores on Instagram creates these amazing displays using bones and framed insects like butterflies etc. She really captures and preserves the beauty in the world around us. She always posts such cool photos of her finds, from tiny puppy skulls and teeth, to tarantula fangs this week! And that beetle I posted above is so beautiful :0! Check her out here.

Skeleton love

Feeling excited to share the work of Mister Caitlin (Caitlin McCormack). She creates these absolutely beautiful crochet skeletons, which have quite an eerie air to them. She often places them in jars, and almost always places them on a black background to make their colours ‘pop’. She uses glue to stiffen the crochet structure, to implicate our delicate bone structure. Definitely worth checking out here.

The lost & forgotten

I discovered Keith Arnatt years ago and haven’t quite forgotten him. Arnatt was a photographer who captures the beauty in “rubbish”. Some of his photos incorporate old forgotten objects, and some simply depict general waste taking its home in our environment around us. I feel his message is powerful. Although the waste tends to add to his amazing colour schemes and compositions, the photos seem to address the point that our beautiful environment is being ruined with such junk. I love art with a powerful concept: the depth only adds to the beauty.

See more of Keith’s work here.

Anatomy admiration

Just turned on my laptop & thought who will I post about today, and the first person I found was Sarah Yakawonis - absolute perfection. Her anatomical quilling work is intensely time-consuming - something I greatly appreciate in an artwork. Her work is built up of hundreds of tiny strips of paper all twisted, bent or curled into position (aka quilling). I love the overall feeling of simplicity of her pieces. And yet if you look more closely you can see the intense detail and time spent. Click here to see more of her collection!

Pushing boundaries

Katerina Plotnikova (from Moscow) has created this beautiful photoshoot with real animals and no Photoshop. I am in love with how intimate these photographs are. They depict once-in-a-lifetime moments, which are even more magical because they are gone in the blink of an eye. I also think the settings are beautiful & help to add to the romance. Her colour schemes are on point!

There are more photographs in her collection, here, all equally beautiful - I especially love the ones with the owls in the snow. Divine.

Bringing the outside in

Mister Finch’s textile sculptures have fascinated me for years. He looks to nature for inspiration and yet seems to create a sense of romance in doing so. His work seems to get slightly more surreal over time, with animals becoming little characters in themselves. It almost reminds me of a story book coming to life. I love hearing of him working away in his little fabric-filled studio in Scotland, with the rain hitting the window & his cats strolling casually around him while he stitches. Magical :-)

Google ‘Mister Finch’, here, to see all of his work at once (I love this view), or see his portfolio here.

Beauty in anatomy

Hey guys! I actually wrote this blog post a few days ago but my laptop battery died and it disappeared. But anywho, here we go again! Meet the work of Fernando Vicente, my favourite Spanish artist! His work oozes class and yet at the same time touches upon some dark concepts. I love the colours, style and content. It reminds me a tiny bit of a few future plans I have for my own work - but probably not in the way you’re thinking haha. If you want to see more, just Google Fernando Vicente. Beautiful work for this beautiful Saturday.

Have a beautiful day! :-)

It’s a working process

I did my first live video on Instagram today and thoroughly enjoyed it! Quite sad that I forgot to save it :( but I shall make more :). And.. while I was live the lovely Sarah @crimsonrichdesire got me all inspired to put up some new art. So here we go!

This amazing artist, Jessica Dalva, (again sculpture - I think I have a hidden passion for the 3D) creates these fantastical sculptures. And although her finished pieces are gorgeous, I can’t help but feel most passionate about her unfinished pieces. To me they are pure romance, a pause in time, the beginning of what could be. Their off-white/beige colour so perfectly untouched.

It’s worth following her on Instagram just to see her process. Sometimes the journey is even more magical than the destination.

Her link: https://www.instagram.com/jdalva/

A love for otherworldly creatures

Another absolute inspiration is the work of the beautifully talented @raggedcaravan. Her creatures are stunning, made to an extremely high quality and each have their own little story behind them. They get up to all sorts in their free time! I especially love their magnificent backdrops and fine detailing in their clothing.

To read more about their adventures, check out her work at www.instagram.com/raggedcaravan. I think its worth a visit just to read her photo captions. It’s like delving into an amazingly intriguing novel, without the hassle of having to open the book.

Sharing some skull love

I found Sarah at www.instagram.com/crimsonrichdesire

Her replica skulls are astoundingly beautiful and made to the highest quality. I love how they look so real! She uses a range of different animal skulls, in various colours (mainly black and white). My favourite of her skulls are actually the black ones, as shown here. They look stunningly impressive and quite gothic in style. Some actually have a gold beak which looks amazing! She also uses her smaller skulls to create a range of jewellery pieces - you should definitely check her out.

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