My work is my window to my soul. The words and images that I produce through my art are often highly unexpected, illuminating deeply buried desires that are clawing to escape. Suppressed within the soul, desperately trying to see the light. Only when you listen to your deepest self can you move forward. I use my art to do just that. Freeing the mind and the soul, to embrace who I really am as a person and to speak to others in the process.  

See my art: Delve into the love story

Portrayals of passion & depictions of desire. My art encompasses ideas of the power of everlasting connection. It explores the concept that true love can conquer all, while encapsulating every part of our being, from our mind to our heart. I use our most basic structure, the skeleton, to imply and consider the everlasting impact of love upon the human race. There is no barrier to true love. It strips us bare to our skeleton, grasping our heart and never letting go. Bones to me represent the concept of 'forever'. I also use bones to portray our animalistic tendencies that come to play when we are together as one, engulfed in passion.

I hope you enjoy getting lost in the tiny intricacies within my work, as I do each day. I wish my art to be a window on your wall to another world beyond, where anything is possible. I hope it can serve as a gentle reminder to chase your passions and embrace your deepest desires.

*The Lone Potato is a Northern Irish artist based in Belfast. She feels destined to share the love, and her art is influenced by her own complex, unpredictable journey through life.=

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